Welcome to TagManager.com! As you’d probably imagine, this is a website dedicated to, drumroll please – tag managers and tag management. While most people are familiar with Google Tag Manager there are other solutions out there and on this site we’ll be reviewing all of the options you have to tame those pesky tags.

Tag management is becoming increasingly more important as we all add more and more features and enhancements to our websites. We live in a time where the opportunity to truly personalize the customer experience online is incredible, but with it comes the complexity of managing more third-party code on your site.

If you aren’t using a Tag Manager yet, you’ll find some great getting started guides on this site to help you get rocking in no time. At the same time, if you’re already using a tag manager but don’t quite know if you have things optimized or find yourself running into problems, we’ll be there for you too.

Last but not least, if you think there’s a topic we should cover on this site that we haven’t yet, let us know. We’re always looking for feedback on what people want to learn about and how we can make this the best site out there for everything related to tag managers and optimal tag management.

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