Three Enterprise-grade Tag Management Solutions

Enterprise-grade tag managers

If you’re running a website that reaches millions or tens of millions of visitors a month then performance and reliability is mission critical. There’s also a good chance that you’re running a wide range of third-party solutions and they all have to work together in concert or your visitors don’t get the experience you want them to have.

As you probably know, there are a ton of different tag management solutions out there but three stand out when you’re looking for a robust tag management solution at the Enterprise level. We’ll take a deeper dive into all three so you can have a bit more information on this critical decision.

Tealium iQ Tag Management

Tealium iQ Tag Management

Tealium makes a wide range of products so there’s a chance you’re already using Tealium, just maybe not for tag management specifically. If you are already using Tealium then using Tealium iQ might be your best bet since it plays so nicely and obviously integrates seamlessly with their other products.

Of course there are some other great reasons to use Tealium, one of the main reasons why Enterprise companies choose Tealium is because of their massive integration ecosystem. With over 1,000 integrations you can literally connect Tealium with just about anything. Couple this with a lightning fast Tag Delivery Network and Dynamic Data Layer Management (say that five times fast!) and you’ll see why some of the world’s largest companies trust Tealium for tag management. You can read more about Tealium iQ Tag Management here.

Ensighten Tag Manager

Ensighten Tag Manager

Trusted by huge companies like United Airlines, Ensighten is another popular tag management solution for Enterprise companies. Like Tealium, Ensighten offers over 1,000 different turnkey vendor integrations making it easy to integrate with anything and everything that you already use.

Ensighten has some pretty slick features around privacy that allow you to visually identify tags that are out of compliance with your privacy policy. In addition to this, the solution can also help you find unauthorized third and fourth-party tags to make sure your data doesn’t go to anyone that it shouldn’t. You can read more about Ensighten Tag Manager here.


Qubit Opentag

Qubit designed Opentag as a simple way to manage tags without requiring complex configuration and hours of training. Think, Enterprise tag management without the typical bloat of Enterprise software. Developers can choose between using their own stack or leveraging the Opentag CDN and partners can access all their client’s properties through a single sign-on.

While Qubit is easy to get up and running it doesn’t have quite the same level of polish that you’ll find with Tealium or Ensighten. This doesn’t make it any less powerful but it does mean that you can expect a bit more of a barebones experience which is music to some people’s ears. You can read more about Qubit Opentag here.

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