Welcome to TagManager.com

Welcome to TagManager.com

Hello and welcome to TagManager.com! If you’re on this website there’s a good chance you want to learn more about tag managers, duh. So let’s start at the beginning – who am I and why did I create this site?

That’s me – in cartoon form, but people tell me the cartoonist did a darn good job making it look like me. My name is Morgan and I run a software company in San Francisco. Our company has an AI technology that is licensed by apparel brands and retailers around the world.

As we started working with more and more brands the topic of leveraging tag managers kept coming up in conversation. I quickly learned that some of the biggest brands in the world rely on tag managers to make sure their sites are able to leverage all the cool solutions they use to improve the customer experience. From personalization solutions like Certona and Rich Relevance to body data platforms like what we offer at Bold Metrics, tag managers play a critical role in making sure websites with millions and tens of millions of visitors work seamlessly.

Okay, so I’m guessing if you’re visiting this website then you probably know what a tag manager is, but in case you came to this site because you wanted to learn, let’s start with the basics. So first things first, what are tags?

Tags are little pieces of code that are added to a website in order to collect data and send that data to third parties. Tags are used for all kinds of things from remarking to form monitoring to tracking all the little things people do on your site. In a perfect world there would be one solution with one tag that would do everything but as we all know, we don’t live in a perfect world.

The reality is, modern website need to rely on multiple solutions and that means multiple tags. As companies work with more and more third party solutions, the tags start to add up. So I think you see where I’m going with this, as sites have to manage more tags, the need for a tag manager comes in. The most popular tag manager out there is Google Tag Manager (or GTM) but there are other options and we’ll be covering them all on this site.

If you really want to do a deeper dive into tag management and you don’t want to wait – hop over to this article on Moz.com for the a more in-depth look at all things tag management.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time here on TagManager.com.

Morgan is the co-founder of Bold Metrics a SaaS company that leverages AI to help apparel brands and retailers unlock the power of body data. An early web developer Morgan started building websites back in 1995. Morgan lives in San Francisco with his wife and two cats and when he's not sitting in front of a computer you'll find him hiking on Mount Tam or snow backpacking in Yosemite.


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